Cohiba Pirámides Extra (5x3) AT

  • The factory name Pirámides Extra (ring gauge 54 x 160 mm in length) is produced exclusively in Cohiba. This vitola allows Cohiba Línea Clasíca´s unique flavor to be enjoyed in a format that lends itself to special occasions due to its magnificent size. One of the essential visual characteristics of this new Cohiba is its image, which includes an innovative band with holographic elements, making identification easy for Habanos lovers and enhancing the exclusivity of the Cohiba brand. Handmade
  • Price: €520.82 EUR
    ~USD 574.52

  • Length: 6 1/4" Ring Gauge: 53 (160mm x 21.43mm)
  • Format:Piramides Extra
  • Boxes in combo:5
  • Cigars per box:Varies