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Vintage Cuban Cigars

Aged Habano cigars taste different to the equivalent recent production. It is an acquired taste and not for beginners. There are auctions for thousands of dollars for cigars which date pre-embargo. There are very high prices paid for each decade after that. The cigars we are offering have matured a few years. The oldest are from 1998 and the youngest are from 2003.

These cigars have matured in Cuba and have just been inspected for quality by Habanos and then in our humidor by us. A few of our VIP clients have had some and have already bought them in batches. We will soon run out of these and have no idea if and when we will get more. Although based on the comments by our customers, and especially by our long time customers, we will ask for more.

Why smoke a matured cigar? This is what our supplier says, " During the early years the cigar is left to mature the general flavor remains but as the nicotine and ammonia disappear the cigar "mellows" and the flavor is less harsh" .

As we said these cigars are for connoisseurs, and to them this is a treat. Enjoy.

Note: Although the system states otherwise the codes are guaranteed for these boxes.

Vintage Cuban Cigars

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Cuaba Diademas (5) Vintage 2008 (RARE)
Price: €392.98 EUR
~USD 436.72

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Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados 2008 (25)
Price: €383.44 EUR
~USD 426.12

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El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Vintage 2008
Price: €259.44 EUR
~USD 288.32

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Montecristo No. 3 (25) 2009
Price: €217.48 EUR
~USD 241.69

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El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Vintage 2009
Price: €240.37 EUR
~USD 267.12

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